About Heliwalls

Sometimes an opportunity shows up and you can’t help but grab it. When we started Heliwalls in Omaha, NE, we introduced a new, innovative technology to the United States. Using helical pile technology as part of a modular shoring system, a new excavation shoring technique emerged.

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Our Story

Selling excavation shoring technology wasn’t something we set out to do, but we emerged with incredible, innovative solutions that make life easier for engineers, construction workers, and contractors across the nation. Heliwalls has been used in several locations, and the operators are often shocked at how easy it is. It’s a modular, reusable, heavy-duty system that takes a third of the time to install—that’s pretty impressive!

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New Opportunities

Panel installation is quiet and creates no vibration due to the helical design. Heliwalls can be used in most soil conditions. It has been proven it can be used multiple times which makes each project more profitable.

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What About You?

Let Heliwalls be the technology of choice on your next construction project. Give us a call or drop by our office and let us tell you exactly why it’s the right decision for your commercial shoring needs.

Case Studies

To see how Heliwalls works in real life, check out this example of a construction project using our interlocking steel design.

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